The Digital Platform
for Islamic education and Arabic Language
The first educational digital platform of Arabic curriculum and Islamic curriculum dedicated for schools and home schooling
for the Russian speakers

Platform Components

Supportive Materials

The rich multimedia files make teaching and learning processes more effective, efficient and attractive for both teachers and students

Effective communication

An effective communication environment between the parties of the educational process, including the school administration, teachers, students, and parents, through powerful technical tools

Teacher training

Free empowering courses for teachers presented by distinguished experts specialized in the latest methodologies of teaching Islamic values and Arabic as a second language

Modern curricula

Modern curricula, authored by a group of senior scholars and specialists in Instructional Design, Islamic education and Arabic language for non-native speakers

Integrated learning environment

Virtual classrooms, an e-learning system, ready-made test forms, and various school reports for teachers, principals and parents

For whome this Platform is

For Principals

for schools principals and administration officers  who are overburden with many tasks that can be automated to focus on what is most important .

For Teachers

For teachers aiming at providing the best tools for their students, to make the class useful and enjoyable; and to achieve impressive results in a short time.

For Families

for each family which is keen to enable their children to be fluent in Arabic and to be raised with Islamic values in a way that combines education with fun.

For Students

for each student who finds learning a second language difficult and boring. No more suffering. The rich, creative and attractive contents made learning easy, interesting and fast